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Any volunteers?

  This week, some readers asked about specific cemetery volunteer work needs. After shooting out a few emails, I found some sites that would love extra help in surveying, research, maintenance, or even conservation skills. And while only a few sites have responded at this time, I do anticipate others coming forward. Once that happens, I’ll update this post.  Saar Pioneer Cemetery, Kent, WA: Karen Bouton did […]

Woodinville Mead: A ‘proper’ cemetery with a touch of mystery

Woodinville Mead: A ‘proper’ cemetery with a touch of mystery

Share    “First used for burials in the late 1870s, it was officially deeded to the citizens of Woodinville on April 4, 1898 by Ira and Susan Woodin.”  While some historical cemeteries might have a tumultuous history, many are still fortunate to play a quiet, yet well-loved part in their local communities. Woodinville Mead is one […]

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