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Stones & Bones Stories pdf

For those readers who thought it might be neat to check out the Stones & Bones slide show, I’ve finally created a pdf for you. It can be found here: Stones and Bones Slide Show. If you’re interested in hearing the Seattle Public Library presentation mp3 podcast, here it is: Enjoy!

Auburn Pioneer entry way

Auburn Pioneer Cemetery: A tiny cemetery with many stories

 Share   “One of these days, I’m going to check that place out.”      Everyone has an Auburn Pioneer Cemetery in their life. It’s that one place we see every day that piques our interest as we drive to and from work. Sometimes the traffic or red light gives us a chance to look more closely […]

A Tree of Life carving

Lakeview Cemetery Part II: Elegant memorials to an eccentric past

 Share   Part II: The travels of Nora Johns Hill          In The Pioneers of Lakeview, Robert Ferguson details one such cemetery relocation story, proving that just because you’re dead and buried, doesn’t mean you won’t be moving.               Nora Johns Hill may have been the first recorded death of a white American in Seattle, […]

The Denny family plot

Lakeview Cemetery Part I: Elegant memorials to an eccentric past

Share        The treats        Scattered throughout the immaculate grounds of Lakeview Cemetery, classic Victorian sculptures pay homage to Seattle’s pioneer fortitude and frontier savvy. Most of Seattle’s founding families (Denny, Renton, Mercer, Boren, Yesler, and others) are buried in the western hill section, offering a ‘one-stop shopping’ approach for local history buffs.             The stylish […]

The infant & children's section

Crown Hill Cemetery, Part II

Share             Disease, fire, and unsolved mysteries…            (this is a continuation from Crown Hill Cemetery Part I)            Crown Hill denotes more than a risky sawmill legacy.          The community’s early years were also difficult times for infants and children. The cemetery has at least two sections filled with closely placed rows of markers that poignantly testify to childhood […]

Crown Hill Cemetery, Seattle WA

Crown Hill Cemetery: Part I

Share A sawmill heritage       It takes a little bit of effort to find Crown Hill Cemetery near Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Surrounded by hedgerows and with a sign half-swallowed by rhododendrons, the low profile is so effective, some local residents don’t even realize it’s there. And that’s how the old Scandinavians probably would have liked it.          […]

Flickr photo: superhua

Any volunteers?

  This week, some readers asked about specific cemetery volunteer work needs. After shooting out a few emails, I found some sites that would love extra help in surveying, research, maintenance, or even conservation skills. And while only a few sites have responded at this time, I do anticipate others coming forward. Once that happens, I’ll update this post.  Saar Pioneer Cemetery, Kent, WA: Karen Bouton did […]

Woodinville Mead: A ‘proper’ cemetery with a touch of mystery

Woodinville Mead: A ‘proper’ cemetery with a touch of mystery

Share    “First used for burials in the late 1870s, it was officially deeded to the citizens of Woodinville on April 4, 1898 by Ira and Susan Woodin.”  While some historical cemeteries might have a tumultuous history, many are still fortunate to play a quiet, yet well-loved part in their local communities. Woodinville Mead is one […]

Woodmen of the World memoria

Comet Lodge Cemetery: Limbo Part II

 Share   Part II: From 1938 to present day   In 1938, Odd Fellow members still owning cemetery land parcels fell behind in property tax payments. The county foreclosed and became, whether through design or accident, the new owner of Comet Lodge Cemetery. For the next fifteen years, questions over what was purchased, restoration permissions, and street widening ordinances, […]

An inscrutable reminder

Comet Lodge Cemetery: A century in limbo

Share  Part I: From the beginning to 1931    Maybe it was the greed or a need to sweep political embarrassment under the proverbial rug. Perhaps it’s simply an old Indian curse on those foolish enough to disturb a sacred burial site. Whatever the reason, this cemetery has suffered a century’s worth of indignities including abandonment, […]

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