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Woodmen of the World memoria

Comet Lodge Cemetery: Limbo Part II

 Share   Part II: From 1938 to present day   In 1938, Odd Fellow members still owning cemetery land parcels fell behind in property tax payments. The county foreclosed and became, whether through design or accident, the new owner of Comet Lodge Cemetery. For the next fifteen years, questions over what was purchased, restoration permissions, and street widening ordinances, […]

An inscrutable reminder

Comet Lodge Cemetery: A century in limbo

Share  Part I: From the beginning to 1931    Maybe it was the greed or a need to sweep political embarrassment under the proverbial rug. Perhaps it’s simply an old Indian curse on those foolish enough to disturb a sacred burial site. Whatever the reason, this cemetery has suffered a century’s worth of indignities including abandonment, […]

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